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Treppiedi per macchine fotografiche

Cullmann MUNDO 525 M BLU
Treppiedi per macchine fotografiche
MUNDO 525M, blue

Item Number: 55463
The tripod range MUNDO 525M is the bigger variant of the MUNDO 522 series and, besides its bigger extension height, it comes with another important advantage: an integrated monopod. This makes the 525M series particularly flexible, no matter whether for fascinating landscape, architecture or portrait photography with the tripod, or for dynamic sports and action photography with the monopod. The MUNDO 525 M is extremely stable and thus perfectly suitable for modern CSC-cameras as well as medium size DSLR equipment.

Technicality details
Max height 159,5 cm

Min height 17,5 cm

Packed dimension 45,5 cm

Carrying capacity 8 kg

Weight 1650 g

Disponibilità limitata
€ 169.00(IVA incl.)

Via G. Matteotti, 9
Castel San Pietro Terme, 40024 (BO)
051 - 0487027
P. IVA 03819021209
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